Native English Skype Teacher

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British Native Teachers

Our NEST teachers have formed this cooperative to put the HEART back into the teacher-student relationship. Introducing your new friends and mentors...

Language Lovers

of Conversational English

Teacher Corrine

Corrine has been teaching English for over 10 years. She has taught in Australia, Thailand and Cambodia. Her hobbies are running, watching TV dramas and travelling. 

Teacher Karen

Karen was a teacher in the UK for 17 years. She now lives in Spain with her 3 dogs and loves teaching online. In her free time she loves horse riding and learning to cook.

Teacher Phil

Phil is currently living in Thailand and has taught English for 11 years. He speaks fluent Thai, so knows the obstacles of learning a language. His hobbies include keeping fit, and spending time with his family.

Teacher Lee

Lee has been teaching English online for 6 years. He is a retired Police Detective, who now enjoys taking his 2 dogs on long walks, practising yoga and having fun with his family.